Linkify Seeks to Improve Mobile Search; Announces Beta for Android Platform

First-of-A-Kind Mobile Search Experience Delivers Fast, Targeted Results, Opens New Revenue Opportunity for Mobile App Developers

TOKYO, December 10, 2013 – Linkify, a new startup innovating ways to connect the real world to the digital information universe, today announced its private beta program. Its first-of-a-kind mobile search SDK (software development kit) for the Android platform dramatically accelerates cumbersome mobile text-based searches by linking to popular search engines, news and reference sites from within a browser. Its functionality introduces a new way that users can perform mobile searches on words without having to go to other sites, or open up additional tabs or apps to obtain their search results. Linkify has already caught industry attention at a leading U.S. tech conference for its highly innovative mobile technology and was one of the 10 companies selected to demo onstage out of hundreds of entrants.

The new SDK also gives Android developers a completely new revenue stream, introducing an improved way for users to do mobile searches with the option of clicking on contextualized ads within the results.

According to Google, 1 out of every 7 searches is on a mobile phone, with some market analysts projecting mobile searches to outpace desktop local searches by 2015.* Yet users of even the newest smartphones still find the mobile search experience woefully inadequate.

“Surprisingly, despite all the advancements in mobile, today’s text search on mobile devices still presents an unacceptable user experience,” said Ikuya Yamada, Linkify’s co-founder and CTO. “Linkify’s new SDK gives users smarter, much faster search results that greatly improves their experience on either a smartphone or tablet. Our SDK also opens up an entirely new revenue stream, which gives app publishers the ability to monetize a new and high-value feature.”

Linkify’s SDK uses a proprietary machine-learning engine that recognizes the meanings of keywords and intelligently generates relevant links. Private beta test participants will not only get early access to Linkify’s SDK but can also contribute to shaping its roadmap. Once accepted into the private beta program, developers can add Linkify’s SDK to their Android apps by simply copying and pasting in a snippet of code.

Android developers can begin test-driving Linkify’s SDK by signing up here: Linkify plans to expand its efforts to additional mobile platforms, including iOS, in the near future.

About Linkify

Linkify is a Tokyo-based start-up developing innovative new ways to connect people to information. As part of Studio Ousia, Linkify’s aim is to raise the standards for mobile search and the mobile user experience. Linkify’s team was singled out at a recent GigaOM Mobilize conference and was one of only 10 companies invited to participate in its LaunchPad spotlight. Investors include Nissay Capital and Seed Technology Venture Partners. For more information please visit


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